Silo Door

IMG_0352This door is all that’s left of the silo on Lone Tree Farm.
My Grandpa built it in the 1920’s for his cattle feeding operation. Dad fed silage out of it to both cattle and sheep in the 1950’s. Page47Here’s a photo that Mom took in the early 1970’s.




When we moved back to the farm in the late 1990’s, we had the silo taken down. First, a cable was attached to the upper part.Then, the contractor used a sledge hammer to weaken the side where it was supposed to fall and the cable was hooked to the pickup. Not everybody was working as hard as the guy swinging the hammer.#2#1







When it collapsed, there was some dust kicked up.#4Notice the house is so new that there’s no railing on the porch.

The bottom of the silo even still had some silage left in it. The roof had bullet holes around the base because when the pigeons got really bad, we gave up b-b guns and started using a 22 rifle.






Now all that’s left after the clean up almost 20 years ago, are some of the concrete staves hidden in the tall grass that we burned last fall.


About Lone Tree Farm on Kanaranzi Creek

Recovering academic, earth scientist in phased retirement, farm manager by default, son, husband, father, grandfather.
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