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Sealing the Windmill Well

Last week the windmill well was officially sealed and abandoned. The truck-mounted well rig raised a mast so the long lengths of pipe could be pulled out. The first one to be pulled had the original old pump. It hadn’t … Continue reading

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Solstice Season

This is the season of cottonwood seeds. Like dandelion down, cottonwood seeds are spread by the wind and take root where they fall. They especially like wet, muddy places along the creek, but that makes them vulnerable to flooding. Several … Continue reading

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Shared Experiences

These could be pictures of the homesteaders headed for Lone Tree Farm. Our family traveled in a covered wagon pulled by oxen, but the stories suggest that Great-grandma Hattie probably did NOT get out and push! She was, however, the … Continue reading

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Climate Change for Kids

Last week we took our South Dakota grandkids to visit the Colorado cousins. There was still snow on the ground when we got to their house in the mountains. And, the abnormal spring weather included snow that kept us from … Continue reading

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