Lone Tree Farm is located on the state line between southwestern Minnesota and northwestern Iowa. Kanaranzi Creek flows through the pasture and joins the Rock River about 4 miles south at Rock Rapids, Iowa.

The Shurr family homesteaded the place in the early 1870s and there’s been family members living here ever since. The current residents are the fourth generation, George and his wife Margaret. The fifth and sixth generations don’t live here, but they do visit to play at the Creek and renew ties to the land and to the family.

George and Margaret are educators enjoying the flexibility of retirement. Margaret manages the household (including creative cooking), keeps up with the busy family schedule, reads extensively, and helps George when he’s confused. George is trying to forget about most of his experiences in bureaucracies and business while nominally managing the farm. He’s also trying to improve his writing skills, which is why this blog has been revived.

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