Historic Air Photos

These two photos were taken looking west in 1978 and looking north in 1983. We’ve got some newer color photos taken in 2010 and 2012 after we moved back to the farm. We’ll post those new color photos sometime too.

Most of the buildings shown in these two old views have been taken down. But, the Greats’ house and the two metal sheds are still standing. Plans are to post pictures of the old buildings that are gone, along with some of the “treasures” that have been salvaged from the destruction.

1978 view to the west.

1978 view to the west.

The 1978 photo is cool because it shows the Creek pasture, complete with grazing cows and a great view to the far horizon. That loop in the Creek channel just above the barn is a meander that cut off between 1978 and 1983; you can see how thin the neck is getting. I don’t know what that really bright white field is in the upper part of the picture, but it’s on the neighbor’s property. The farmstead just above the light field has been gone for decades.

1983 view to the north.

1983 view to the north.

The 1983 photo shows a better view of the buildings and the farmyard. You can even see the Little House where the hired man lived. The silo, sheep shed with adjacent corn cribs, and the little granary all are well shown from this angle. But, the windmill is conspicuous in its absence. It fell down in the early 1980s and it almost hit a neighbor’s new pickup that was parked in the circle of the driveway in front of the garage. The old angle iron in the tower would probably not done too much damage, but the gear housing up on top was heavy and would have made a big impact.

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