The Changing Creek

There’s always change along Kanaranzi Creek. Mostly, it’s slow, subtle change that’s hard to see. But sometimes it happens fast and is fairly obvious.

During the night on March 13-14, 2014, the cut-off meander east of our house formed. A series of small landslides made the bank lower and the water started to flow through that gap instead of along the regular old channel. These photos were taken on the morning of March 14.


This is the view looking north. The water is flowing from the right and splitting to go through the gap, with some still flowing into the old meander channel to left.


This view is from the other side of the gap looking south. There still is some water coming from the old meander channel to the right. But, most of the water coming through the gap now flows downstream through the main channel to the left.


This view is back looking north and shows the remnants of the landslide blocks still hanging on to the east side of the gap.

There was a similar cut-off on a meander loop back in the early 1980’s, but that one was not associated with landslide blocks. It’s located upstream from the photos.  And, even longer ago in the late 1930’s there was one just down stream from the 2014 event.

So, the Creek is like the families that live beside it: the only thing constant is change.

About Lone Tree Farm on Kanaranzi Creek

Recovering academic, earth scientist in phased retirement, farm manager by default, son, husband, father, grandfather.
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