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Sustainable Agriculture

The first four generations of our farming history were reviewed in a post back in July, but this current one will concentrate on just the last two generations. The “environment” was not really a factor in the subsistence farming done … Continue reading

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Conservation Crowdsourced

Back in the 1940s the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) was called the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) and as a young beginning farmer my dad was using that as an information source. For example, we’ve got … Continue reading

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Weeds and Feed: Learning from a Prairie Hill

About ten years ago, a part of a west-facing hill was fenced off (“exclusion”) from the rest of the pasture because it had a remnant prairie with lots of native plants. This year the exclusion was added back into the … Continue reading

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Healthy Soil

  This bright yellow ATV was unloaded from the pickup and used to collect soil samples in our west quarter several weeks ago. We don’t have the results back yet, but the 2½ acre grid is the same as that … Continue reading

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